FIFA 21 glitches on ps5 both versions (ps4 and ps5)

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Its been 2-3 months since I upgraded my console to ps5. I mainly play Fifa and COD. Im experiencing weird glitchy gameplay in Fifa 21. This will be hard to explain but I'll try my best and I've found many gamers like me who are also experiencing this issue. And this issue got me from div 1 to div 5 lol.

1. AI IS TOTALLY MESSED UP. whenever opponent plays a through ball my CB's starts sprinting on the wrong direction and by the time I switch to a CB the other one creates a big gap which leads to a goal.
2. MY TACKLES HAVE NO EFFECT ON OPPONENT. Prime moments gullet can't take the ball from gold Sterling.
And yes this happens every time. Also when opponent comes close to me, my player just becomes stiff and automatically loose the ball.
3. My players starts summersaulting when opponent tackles but no fouls whatsoever.
4. Cant pass the ball more than 2-3 times. opponents AI seems ruthless. Fun fact is they're not even team pressing me or overloading ball sides. I can tell cause they're stamina stays intact.
5. seems like opponent and my gameplay is vastly different. In terms of what's happening in the screen as we play the game.
6. game speeds up time to time and looses frame after that. In the meantime I've no control over my players.

Troubleshooting Ive done:
1. Port forwarding, contacting ISP, EA Help etc Ive done it all.
2. Resetting ps5, renewing database, re-installing game didn't fix anything.
3. Yeah I do have wired ethernet plugged.
4. Changed DNS server but no luck.
5. Running a 300mbps up and down Fiber optics internet which barely has any jittering spike etc. (EA Connection quality report agrees with me)
6. COD and other games don't have any sort of problem like these.
7. Bought a netduma gaming router which didn't fix anything at all.
8. Changed controller vibration settings and video settings absolutely nothing happened.
9. tried different monitors as well.
10. Did U/0 trace and results were great.

After all these steps I just became hopeless. Decided to try one last time and found out some interesting stuff. MY GAMEPLAY IS SAME ON THE OFFLINE MODE TOO. Played a match without internet connection with the cpu. and yeah gameplay is literally unplayable. So what I did next is played an online match with my friend and told him to record his gameplay and I was recording mine too. And voila they're completely different. My friends recording doesn't show any issues at all. So I Googled and googled and found many posts like mine. Ive tried talking with EA Help. One rep told me that the studio team knows about this issue and currently trying to fix it. Another told me " Nah you're the only one having this problem. and studio team has no idea about this?!!" Which is clearly wrong cause they're are tons of player reporting this issue everyday.

Now my question to EA is What is actually going on. And what's the point on having EA Help if they off to no help rather than confusing players. And how do you expect me to buy the next Fifa when the old one is still full of bugs like these.

Thanks for reading my long post guys. Im not a native English speaker, so please pardon my grammatical mistakes.
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