Squad battles feels different.

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I know most people play online but has anyone else noticed that squad battles seems harder since the server maintenance the other day.
I was playing on professional for the silver stars objective and a bronze team outpaced me constantly and banged in two overhead kicks. On world class a low gold team was spamming skill moves left and right.
Doesn't help that the silver team of the week player I finally managed to snag can't hit the backside of a barn from one yard out. If he actually ever makes a run towards goal 🤦 I think it must be the illness he has with no hair.

Maybe it's just me being trash though, which is most likely 😂


  • bberger
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    It's the lag.

    And yes, lag and muddy gameplay is a thing in Squad Battles too as it isn't completely offline. Just against a CPU AI.
  • Retro1989
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    Feels the same to me on Legendary.

    AI has a few moments per game where they are untouchable, other than that still very boring and makes me fall asleep.
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