New PC patch has made the game even worse online

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Kudos to EA for continually making gameplay worse, I have no idea how they manage it.

Passing is somehow worse, every pass us under/over hit and locks on to the wrong player 8 times out of 10.
Players run around aimlessly (more than before) and always run into a position where they can be marked.
Dribbling is worse than before and players keep skuttling sideways like crabs and have touches that belong in the Conference.
Tackling is somehow worse as the rebound from a tackle always falls to the feet of another player - 7 times out of 10 it is an attacker.
Bridge and directional nutmeg still hasn't change, still glitches defenders.
Through balls still affect your defenders pace as they do a little pause when you switch to them. Momentum has been turned up too so they overrun defensive situations all the time.



  • WFCBagnall
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    There were zero gameplay changes in the latest patch.
  • macman85
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    Have you reduced the server allocation or something? Every game I've played today has been awful compared to pre-patch yet I'm told each game has a good/great connection?
  • bberger
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    I think they dynamically scale the servers depending on how many people are logged in.

    Due to the patch probably there were quite few people online and they a) scaled back the server resources and b) you got crap matchmaking with people from greater distances.

    It's especially noticable on PC woth the smaller userbase.
  • Retro1989
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    Will test it later, unless i get a situation like yesterday where it keeps matching me against Russians.
  • macman85
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    Looking at this (yes, I know it isn't a good gauge of server load) the player base on steam has remained pretty steady. I think it is just wrong that for me it went from being the best online Fifa I'd played in October/November to an unpredictable mess it is now. If this is a server scaling issue then it is completely unethical to offer a good online service on launch (when reviewers are active) to what we have now in July. It seems to get worse patch by patch as well.

    Saying that, it could just be me but I'm sure others have experienced the same issues.
  • macman85
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    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    There were zero gameplay changes in the latest patch.

    I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt until I played some squad battles. I've played this game long enough to know when gameplay has been "tweaked" and issues persist in squad battles. Not as bad as online play but it is there for sure.

    I'll admit passing, momentum, dribbling haven't changed but tackling pings the ball off directly at whatever player is closest and players keep running into each other like brainless idiots. One of my own players barged me off the ball randomly. Also when I sprint to cover a through ball the player feels like his only using 70% of his pace stat and does this annoying slow down animation when I switch to him.
  • CheeseSlice
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    Pc lol
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