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    After a bunch of garbage in ultimate champs picks I did this and got Acuña. I realize everyone else is also getting him but I typically get trash (aka no 99 Neymar for me)
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    Bleargh.. Gonna do this.. After on the first and second pages I dissed this sbc.. Too expensive for me getting Moreno I said..

    Turns out. I am just a sucker.. 😓😓 and it's July..

    Oh and I finally crafted RAMOS SBC after deliberating for 3 weeks lol.. So if I get Acuna as the most likely "ok" pick based from this forum, I'll get Messi SS and that's my right side is done.

    My dream would be:

    1.Varane, Ramos sbc and Varane partnership would be fire.. And that's it for my backline. Just need to add Alba SS and I'm done. Right side is pim capita.

    2. De Jong. Purely because ppl kept saying how good he is.

    3. Messi. Who don't like getting Messi? 99 rated is a dream and that's my right winger settled.

    4. Acuna. Just because now I can pair untradable paredes, acuna and buy Messi. Argentinian right side 🔥

    5. Vinicius. Purely because neymar is too much money for my blood to be spent on just 1 player. No matter how game changing he is.

    Worst dilemma would be

    Llorente. I got pim zambrotta and capita, as well as dumfries and Paredes. Adding Llorente would mean some will be off Chem and that annoys the hell out of me.

    I'm gonna do it in 5 mins and come back with the result.. I sense disappointment though.. Hahaha..


    Good luck. Eder is also a fantastic partner for Ramos.


    Uhh.. I'm so having a difficult dilemma now.. Grateful.. Yes! But a big dilemma nonetheless..


    Who the heck should I choose now??

    Get acuna and buy Eder militao to partner Ramos, total spending 450k


    Get Varane and buy acuna, total spending 900k but total worth is 2 mill for 2 player.

    Anyone helpppp lol

    I'd take Acuna and speculate for either a Pink or Red Varane.
  • Jamie_W_15
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    Messi 😁
  • P1tch_1nvaderz88
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    After getting 95 Messi in the 85+

    I did this with the rest hoping for acuna lol

    92 modric, TOTS llorente, 93 felix and 88 mendy..
    (took felix)
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