Eusebio sbc

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Lads- I’ve played fifa for years and can honestly say this card has brought and rekindled back the enjoyment- if you can manage I can’t recommend it enough if you’ve got the fodder - his shooting and dribbling is insane


  • David12344
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    So jealous.

  • Damo_Suzuki
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    I don't find his dribbling that amazing really, not that it's really bad or anything. I don't do any skill moves at all so rely on just twisting and turning.

    I find him more of a movement and finisher kind of guy. His runs in behind and shooting are immense. He has that knack where he just magically manages to get on the end of through balls. He's a lot like my TOTS Neymar in that way. How I use them both with no skill moves he's basically TOTS Neymar with worse dribbling and slightly better run making/knack for shots going in. Or at least that's how I've found it so far.
  • Lackosweat
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    Eusebio is the best finisher in the game imo.
  • Andyh60
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    Damn temptation is there again now but put 87 into saint max so wont get easier to do. Just have to see tomorrow as surely another big icon due out.
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