Is 8 players too much for these objectives?

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French is the most "meta" nation on FUT and still not many people played for the objective. I did because I had nice untradable French cards. For Spain, even less players are trying to do it, I haven't encountered any so far. I like the idea of these objectives, but it is not very fun if people are not interested. Perhaps 5 players instead of 8 could convince people to go for it?


  • Bob_Bobson
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    With you on the 5. They said, I could build a pretty decent Italian or Argentinian team with the 8 player requirement so I hope they don't drop it if they do them :lol:
  • greif44
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    6-7 would be fine for me. 5 sounds reasonable too.
    So you can play whatever GK, 5-6 players from the nation that's required and have some room for 4-5 players that you actually enjoy using.
  • what3v3r
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    Bob_Bobson wrote: »
    With you on the 5. They said, I could build a pretty decent Italian or Argentinian team with the 8 player requirement so I hope they don't drop it if they do them :lol:

    I am hoping for a Brazilian challenge. My club is stacked with brazilian players
  • All4fun1991
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    I personally like the idea for WL, it makes it fun.... if not we will have same boring OP squads winning everything and you know how we hate pay to win teams… Now the only problem I have with this game is gameplay, one sided gameplay would be most remembered for FIFA 21..
  • MrFitz
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    8 is definitely too many. People want to play with the squads they have worked hard to build, not some completely different team. So lowering the requirement would for sure get more people on board.

    I’m doing it, but I’m also sat there on a few stupid losses asking myself why I’m not playing with my main squad.

    Also, the higher the requirement the less variation there will be from team to team (if everyone was doing it).
  • Kennyy
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    Nah 5 is nothing. It’s 2 after subs.

    At 8 it’s only really 5.
  • Dutch3723
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    I do like the concept of it, and I don't think you can force people to do it who have spent so long building their ultimate team. Obviously everyone has massively stacked teams now with all these special players coming out, and because so many have come out recently, people want to play with them, so these objectives become pretty daft and I'm nearly 15 games in now and still haven't played anyone else doing it.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    M playing with nif Gaya,de gea
    N sif lirola

    I enjoy a challenge
  • bezo85
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    They should give everyone the choice to enter with the requirements or no requirements and have separate weekend leagues. There should be a silver weekend league too.
  • Jdizzle
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    Yeah they're too many crap spanish cards.
  • Jesusdinho
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    100%. Only nations I'd possible start 8 players from is England and Brazil. 8 Spaniards, a German ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me in my face would be more pleasing.
  • kraid
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    8 is fine, the whole point is variety, they want you to change your team around. 5 basically means 2 different players after subs. Boring!
  • Orison
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    I think 8 is fine yeah.

    Just don't think with new promo cards absolutely dumping on tots that the reward is that enticing.

    If they included promo cards in rewards (as it should be) you would see way more Spanish teams imo.
  • keith210277
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    Twelve games played haven't played anyone doing the objective yet.
  • number7rocky
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    I think 6/7 would be more reasonable, 8 was fine for French
  • FrankFrank
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    Nobody using players from Spain so yes 😆
  • Illini McG
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    It's ur choice to partake or not....8 is fine.
  • bberger
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    Yeah, 8 for anything other than France is/was excessive, we had many (usable) objective cards and lots of affordable alternatives.

    Every other nation, not so much. Especially at this stage where everyone is running around with juiced up FoF cards.

    They should've reduced it to 6 or 7.
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