Best time to buy CR7 99?

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Is seems to be getting lower now..

Wondering if he will be cheaper before or after 6pm fri…

And if renato comes then the link is there.

Im on 4.3 mill and want to maximise my buying options.


  • Sujitsky123
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    With an hour of the guaranteed sbc tonight. Ppl might start panic selling. But, honestly, if he is in range and the only upgrade left for you, I'd say buy him whenever you are ready.
  • 5-7pm tonight, a few lucky sods who own a tradeable version already will get him in the guaranteed SBC so there will be a couple more go up with undercutting.
  • gokugogogo
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    It will keep going down mate, the earlier you buy it, the sooner you can enjoy it.
  • CheeseSlice
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    Thanks for the reply’s. This is what i have currently have untradeable:


    Just packed modric got about 4.7mill to finnish off my team.
    Really want cr7.
    Wonder if the tots version might be the way to go..
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