Meta Roulette

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Seeing as they refuse to make a balanced game since like FIFA 11, there should be some sort of mad poll on what we can expect to be OP come 22 because lets face it optimism and EA don't belong in the same sentence.

Finesse Shots?
Crossing and Headers?
LB+Y/L1+Triangle Over the Top
(Somehow and god knows how this even became a meta but) First time shots from anywhere?

Or the incredibly, vastly slim chance that the game is balanced and they've actually watched 90 minutes of a game, all players are usable and not just a niche of 20-30 people who are basically handpicked i guess to be good and run the game based off of their pace, agility or body type whatever the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that means (Cause in real life pace and agility automatically means superior footballer right?)

EA Play event hopefully will bring the usual hype, an "Innovative" new system which will be a redo of an old dead failed flawed one, A sick collection video of mbappe haaland and the other poster boys scoring them banging goals to a cool hip song, all the while the dazzling distractions of next level editing suck us in to next level hype when under the surface they are figuring out which dumb mechanic to make unrealistically powerful next (I'm going with all out slow man meta at this point cause EA never fail to surprise me with how bad they are trust me in 22 Giroud will be better than Mbappe)

Close out the video with the ball hitting the camera in the top bin, to be shown a release date and zero actual gameplay but still hype.

July 22 will be the best day of your lives guarantee it, if there's anything EA deserve it's our Optimism (and obviously endless money)


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