Glad preview packs are exposing the horrendous pack weight of Fifa 21

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Not that it wasn't clear by this point of the year, but seeing 82 Bellarabi as the best option for packs that'd cost you 50 euros or so is hilarious. Perhaps it's because I haven't actually bought packs for real money so can someone who has spent real money confirm whether it's bad for them as well?


  • Traphouse420
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    It’s ❤️❤️❤️❤️ awful. I’ve spent a decent amount in fifa points and I have nothing to show for it, before the preview packs. Now that these come out I haven’t dared to open one yet, they’re so bad.
  • Decee
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    What this does is raise questions about why some accounts get insane 'luck' whilst others get horrendous luck.
  • RayS
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    Was thinking the exact same thing. Pack after pack, you wouldn't even make 50% of your coins back (I know, most ppl use FP, but the point remains).

    I've never spent a penny on FP, and previewing these packs just confirms my opinion on it.

    Surely preview packs hurts EA's profit, so i wouldn't be surprised if this is completely forgotten and brushed under the rug by FUT 22
  • Murf1985
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    I opened a 50k pack the first day of preview packs and it had PIM Bobby Moore in, I bought 2200 Fifa points to buy the pack. I’ve bought 4 silver packs with decent SBC players in and the other 1000 fifa points has been sat there for weeks. Every promo pack and every preview and none of it has been close to break even.
  • MonTheGers
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    It's always been horrendous. What really hit the nail in the head for me was back in FIFA 14 I spent 20M coins on packs because I was done with the game and got literally nothing worth talking about and from then on I wouldn't spend money bar a few quid on the first day to get my team started.

    Why people throw money at this game I will never know your basically asking to be ripped off and disappointed.
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