Switching to 4222…what sort of players / work rates should i use?

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Ive been using 4411 / 4312 for a while and fancy switching to a 4222.

Not used to playing with cdm’s and not sure where to start with regards to the type of players i need.

I have untradeable:


will these 2 suit the cdm role with “stay back”?

Got 4.7 mill to spend and i own most german league tots / sbc cards untradeable

Any advice appreciated 🤘


  • Diggy
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    Play them in balanced not stay back & those 2 will be fine use Gullit & Essien in those positions myself
  • JustusX
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    I play 4222 quite a bit.

    1 CDM stay back and 1 on balanced. Both on man mark and cover wing and full backs are on balanced.
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