Why is PIM Yashin so bad?

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I know GKs are dumb in this game anyway but I've never conceded so many goals directly down to a GK error than I have Yashin. Did his SBC to have an Icon GK for flexibility in team selection but just the normal gold cards for Neuer, Ter Stegen etc. are far better.

Doesn't seem to be affecting my overall results too much as they're roughly the same as they usually are but I've lost tight games because he's spooned a cross straight to a striker or failed to save a shot that was fairly central.

It's like the card is glitched and I know people have complained about him before and you don't see him that often in game considering his rating and how relatively easy his SBC was to complete.

Sorry if this is covering old ground but this is the first WL using him and I'm honestly shocked by his uselessness.


  • I’ve never used him but he’s the only GK I hate coming up against. He always seems to save everything.
  • bberger
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    He is too small.
  • pes1972
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    He has been great for me, have a feeling many of the mistakes are caused by the person holding the controller ;)
  • MonTheGers
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    I think a lot of people expect too much from an ai controlled keeper hence why everyone has massively different experiences with GK's. I find Yashin to be absolutely fine he's been a helluva lot better than TOTS Donna that I had before him. Saves what should be saved and that all I really ask of my keepers. Biggest disappointment with him is... no hat :(
  • SanderFC
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    Any goalie without Comes for Crosses trait is automatically bad imo
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