Desailly SBC is twice the cost of market price, Cantona 1.5x, quite funny

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It's not out even more than 1 month?It's a good reflection that ICON SBC requirement is a total rip off.

PIM Campbell SBC expired a couple weeks ago with like 600k? The highest SBC cost was once 750k and the market price is now 200k. PIM Cantona SBC is still ~2.35m with totally collapsed market. A tradeable one is only 1.6m. :D


  • Bob_Bobson
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    Tbf, Desailly was about market value when it first dropped. Tots has drastically changed values though.

    That Maradona one is just stupid expensive though.
  • TheMightyBee
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    Even an untradeable card that is market value is a rip off. Everything in this game is a rip off.
  • WFCBagnall
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    When the SBC's were released, they were all cheaper than their market value.

    The fact the market has plummeted so much in the past few days because of the preview packs is the reason why the price of the players on the market cards have dropped so much.

    So the cost of the sbcs may be higher, but atleast they're sbcs you can go towards using other untradeables as many would never have 1.6m coins to buy a tradeable Cantona, whereas its alot easier to obtain 2m worth of fodder to complete his sbc, via upgrades/objectives/icon swap packs etc
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