Anyone else don't care about any new cards in packs?

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Never gonna pack them anyway so why care


  • Fergvsfood
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    After my shocking luck during tots, I've given up completely with the game. May play a few rivals here and there but as for trying to pack anything of note.
  • RangerCraig
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    Anything now is bonus, I'm fairly happy with my team atm
  • TheMightyBee
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    Promos have been terrible all year as has totw. This two team nonsense is so zzzz.

    The only thing people care about is upgrade packs or PPs.
  • TheTormentor07
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    It's a bit like, oh there's new cards, okay then.
  • David12344
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    Vini is 5 million 😂
  • nextqprmanager
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  • Edge01
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    Fifa'd out to be honest after all of those WL's during tots. Gave this one a rest and will probably do the objective card. With the Euro's on it gives me less time anyway.
  • knofakes
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    NinthFall wrote: »
    Never gonna pack them anyway so why care

    That said, whew the ratings on these are through the roof. So far only one or two fit my teams but I can't see myself spending on any of them. Hope I pack one.
  • Andyh60
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    Literally would rather have say r9 sbc with like 10 89 squads than to say pack a top tradeable player from this promo.
  • greif44
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    I don't. I have a decent team that's mostly untradeable and anything that'd upgrade it is worth a few millions on market. Besides that, the only promo cards that I pack from rewards are usually low end.

    Wouldn't mind to get that Vinicius though
  • ContraCode64
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    I like the look of Acuna, links are a bit of a pain though. The two team release format however has killed most of my interest from the off.

    And like most people, my team is packed with players whose main stats are maxed out with a couple of chem points anyway, so there's no real need to get anyone other than freshening things up a little.
  • NinthFall
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    It's a bit like, oh there's new cards, okay then.

    Exactly how I react these days. The pack luck has been designed for a game that would last as long as GTA5 online
  • Mogga
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    At this point everything should be in packs until 22 cones out. Get everything in there, let us see some pretty lights for a change when we open a pack
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