Jim White Leaves Sky Sports

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edited June 2021

End of era for deadline day although if we're honest it lost its sparkle many years back when they stopped allowing the reporters to mingle with the riffraff.


  • Pughy30
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    I don't watch it much but I didn't even realise he was still there, I know he's on TalkSport a lot now so he'll probably focus on just that job
  • Shshj
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    Deadline Day used to be great entertainment but I haven’t watched it in years now.

    SSN’s reputation is in the toilet anyway, they’re more of a tabloid these days.
  • El_Nino
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    He was great, but I don't think many will miss him now, no criticism of him, just SSN in general is so poor these days as everyone else has said.

    Still he gave plenty of entertainment, hope he enjoys whatever he does with his time now.
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