Anyone got 95 Pele or TOTS Suarez on FIFA 18 (XBOX) they can sell me??

Can somebody who has 95 Pele, or TOTS Suarez, on FIFA 18 and doesn't use them anymore please list them for sale?
The market on 18 is dead and I really want one, or both, of these players.

DM me if you need to: FranticGrape#428

Cheers in advance.


  • Concerned_Potato_28
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    Not sure if someone here uploaded the 95 Pele and TOTS De Bruyne that were on the market on FIFA 18 yesterday morning, but my controller broke on Saturday so I wasn't on and missed him.

    Got a new controller delivered yesterday afternoon.

    Can't believe the bad timing.

    I asked about 25 people on FIFA 18 if they bought him but I can't find who bought him.

    If anyone else has a 95 Pele please list him and/or DM me.
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