Your Tots reds haul (Show off)

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So now TOTS is almost over let's see those reds! Appreciate alot may have been SBC'd and i know we will get more but anyway😂


A mix of Elite 3/Gold 2

Messi, Hernandez and Ederson start for me, Kimmich I'd like to use but hard to fit ( Bottom left is a cheeky Little Keylor Navas) 😂


  • David12344
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    Hahaha played every week through tots but it’s no haul. It’s more of a big pile of crap
  • d-Leon307-b
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    These are the Best remaining
    Some like hummels are already in sbcs
  • Koning Spijker
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    These are my reds. All G2, except when Ligue 1 only G3


    But these are my Guaranteed. Including the latest 2 Deluxe (Marquinhos, Haaland)
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