Question about Pro Builds

Hey there!
My question is regarding Base Match XP & Bonus XP. If I work on leveling up my CAM (5'2", 119lbs) through lots of league matches.... and I start to get higher ratings in skills....

What happens if I change that build to a different position, and change his body? Do those grown attributes stay the same? Do I lose them? If I go BACK to CAM, do those points come back?

Just trying to learn about this before I change that build. THank you!


  • SMP90
    12 posts Ball Boy
    Everything will change. So if you suddenly grew your player to 6’3” and 160 then obviously his strength would increase but his pace would decrease but would go back if you swapped them. You get 5 builds so use them to create different builds depending on which one you want to use. So for example I’ve got two different st. I’ve got a tall stock one that’s used to hold the ball up and with headers and another one that is small and fast used for getting in behind the defence.
  • thank you! ok I was nervous to change the build for fear of losing the bonus match skills points that I earned at CAM.
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