End of the FIFA 21 year and toxicity?

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Well the game now has an end of year run it’s course thing for me now, not really weird how so many WL teams have such good teams now after all the TOTS SBC’s and pack pulls, it’s deceiving as 3 months ago you’d look at the team at load up and generally know you be in for a tough time. Now it’s no indication at all, had some super charged opponents but they ended up quote poor play wise. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky but last WL was super toxic, had 3 players PM after just being toxic and goading? God knows why, one guy message me 8 times, even after i said GG and well done (he was terrible and i should never have lost but it was the sweaty end of getting to G3 again) he stillmpersisted so i said well done but it’s a F’ing video game pal go away. I blocked him and turned off all messaging rights except friends. I promptly got an email and message from Playstation about abusive behaviour 🤯🤯 guess the bot picked up my swear word, no doubt nothing for the toxic instigator which caused the whole thing. I don’t get why people do this kind of stuff, just sad and EA and playstation need to improve reporting for this kind of thing…..anyone else had this more recently?


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    that's the reason why many people have messaging off from 'non friends' :)
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    Chavez76 wrote: »
    that's the reason why many people have messaging off from 'non friends' :)


    If you want to be toxic, just do it in game! Don’t be goaded into sending messages.
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