add a sign when a player asked for play next game

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there were many sitution we can forget an email about a player who asked for play in next game, so u may not take him in the squad for this game, so why dont add a sign/symbol for alertin us that a AI have asked for this game, so we will not miss this request.

for an example if there was a symbol like a yellow dot and a cross yellow or something, to alert us that a played asked for the game, as u give a green light, so it have a yellow dot over he head in the squad list, or a cross yellow dot to show he asked but ur decision is no etc. actually, u can add many things like that for player, easily and quickly to know about what the situation and decision u make on a AI .

u have a "bandage", u should add more this things when u add many interactive things btw ur squad playr in the game.
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    They need to bring back reserve games, so that you can test players out and help them improve. Play injured players etc.
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