Carlos Alberto or Zambrotta

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Has anyone tried them both?

Zambrotta has more in games stats; similar pace and more stam.

Stats wise I don’t see why Alberto is a 94 and Zambrotta is a 90.


  • I SiR MartY I
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    Zambrotta, better at both CB and RB
  • David12344
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    Both great cards tbh. I think there’s a reason alberto is 1-8 million still. For me alberto is the best centre back in the game and glad I did his sbc. Have both by the way. As a full back probs not much in it as zambrotta has the weakfoot and that’s useful.
  • Batman442
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    Have both, prefer zambrotta tbh, done Alberto with full belief that he'd be better but he's not. Zambrotta is better in both cb and rb. I actually didn't like Alberto in cb at all, found he was always out of position. Play him at rb now as I done him with all my fodder at the time, may aswell use him since he cost so much
  • SuperJames9005
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    Zambrotta didn't work for me as a defender, weird enough. His heading is abysmal. But he did work pretty well for me as a CDM. Once he is moved to midfielder, I barely see his rating below 7.5 and I believe that's pretty impressive.
  • oneskyworld
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    Zambrotta is just so versatile. Have him as starting RB makes substitute so much easier. Basically, he can cover the whole back like and CDM position, if you want to change the team around.
  • nj10
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    Went for Zambrotta in the end. Might do albertos loan.
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