POTM Messi

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Past 3 days he’s been doing nothing at CCAM for me. Where are you using him and what formation if still in the squad?


  • Delboy13710
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    I play mine either RF Stay Central/False 9 or RW Stay Forward / Free Roam instructions .
    I've basically mastered working him into the finesse shot angle it flys in 9/10 .
  • Bob_Bobson
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    Benched him for a while as del Piero was performing better. Now I've switched to 4222, he's in again at rcam and doing decent. Not the beast I had hoped for though, sadly.
  • Izzy2K17
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    Cam in a 433(4) or a 41212(2), still doing awesome
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Cam in 41212 with stay forward and free roam. Has been great for me
  • Chewbaccary
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    He is my backup CAM in 433(4). Comes off the bench at halftime.

    Card is okay, but genuinely a big disappointment for the price.

    Super weak and doesn't have 5* skills to help with the dribbling.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    My 2nd ST,,he is phenomenal,,attracts the opponent
  • Renamed1049161219
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    I play him at striker in a 442. Still a beast at elite level if you know how to use his strengths
  • Mdm
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    Need to play him out wide so he can cut in and have a bit of space
  • limjitwe
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    He’s been disappointing for me. He’s on the bench now. Comes on when I’m leading by a larger margin. Also I prefer a CAM with 5* wf and striker with 5* wf and he fits neither now. It was good while it lasted.
  • METH
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    CM in 451(2) on free roam
  • oldboiler
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    Number 10 in a 442
  • dinbaba
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    I play with two strikers, one with false-9 instructions and one with get in behind, he can play in both roles.
  • Recoba10
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    Since I have PIM Cantona, I use him from time to time on the left wing. His crosses are perfect.

    His best position is definitely CCAM.
  • Denz
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    edited May 2021
    I just play him at striker in a 2. Does brilliantly for me, well above a positive goals to game ratio. Assists are also up there.

    Best value sbc I've completed in a while, considering time I've used him/will use and his contributions.

    Score so many goals from slight movement in the box, outside box finesse, easiest with him though is first time fake shot in the box, get a yard from his marker and finesse or power shot, rarely misses.
  • Royalwhite
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    I use CAM in the both variations of 41212 and he lethal , assisting and scoring tons of goals
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    Still the best card I have and that includes numerous TOTS cards!
  • kokogunmu
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    My best card this FUT and top 5 since I started playing FUT almost a decade ago. If he doesn't score, he must assist. I play him in a 2 man attack in a 4312, and Eusebio feeds off his passes and runs.
  • RadamelFalcao9
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    Top 5 cards for me too....but right now I just use him as my super sub CAM/left ST. Too many good and fun cards out there. So he can’t start atm.
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