Who's the better striker?

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Contemplating between TOTS Benzema and TOTS Suarez


  • knofakes
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    What's the remainder of your team resemble?
  • SpiderMonkeybpg
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    I have both and it comes down to your game style. Benzema is better at corners. But both are very similar everywhere else.
  • Europa3114
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    Depends if you have Messi in your team or not 2x medium attacking WR in your team is no good.. If you have Messi then I'd go for Suarez if you don't I'd go for Benzema..

    I have all 3 and for as good as Benzema is he doesn't play well with Messi
  • HullCity1904
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    i have neither but having played against both many times I would say Suarez.

    benzema has this bulldozer like style, where getting the ball off him without him getting back right after is impossible

    but suarez has this evasive style, very silky and slimy.

    i would say go Suarez if your style is to dribble a lot and use L1 or skill moves

    and go benzema if you just want to run straight like a tank
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