SB- multiple birds with one stone

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For those of you that have not started the SB token journey, good luck. I finished it last night and it was a nightmare and a joke.. the amount of times AI cheats!

I used Ered. Silvers for 2 tokens and Portuguese UCL for the other 2.

Portuguese UCL players are exp but don’t worry, they sell at the same price, I might have made 1-2k/ player after using them.

Now, if you haven’t Donne Amiri or lig Nos objective player then do those at the same time so you get 4 tokens and 2 players and your silver Objectives done in 14 games

For ered/silver token: At kick off, sub in Che Adam’s totw and a German player to get Amiri and silver objective done

For Portuguese/ ucl: since you already have 5 Porto UCL players, sub in a Mexican player and do the Lig nos objective.
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