83+ x5 or 85+ PP?

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Both have similar requirements but which one has the better chance of a decent return?


  • Laker62
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    You’re more likely to get a TOTS out of the 85+. There is a higher ceiling with the x5. Personally, I’d go with the 85+.

    Before you open, watch a couple of pack openings on YouTube and I guarantee you’ll change your mind
  • Spurred
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    Packed baku in the 85+

    Neuer and Andre Silva in the 83+

  • Bob_Bobson
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    85+ pp easily. There are actually very few 85+ available Bundes cards that are not tots (probably why we got the 5x83 and not 5x85).
  • Air Diddy
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    I got sabitzer,

    seen a few of the 83x5opened and most were trash
  • ChiTownWhat27
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    85 pp had the choice between Neuer and Sabitzer and chose Neuer. I’m glad I did because in the 5x 83 I got Sabitzer.
  • JWNYsg
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    both can be good. some luck element. wishing you the best

    i am feeling frustrated as got duplicate so have to wait for Guaranteed to discard
  • Curt247
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    83x5 got Kimmich ,baku and IF 87 LB
  • nj10
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    Did both

    Neuer from pp

    Lacroix and hummels from 83x5
  • keith210277
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    85+ pp not even close, way too much chance of getting garbage in 83 x 5.
  • Mdm
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    Finally finally packed a card I actually wanted

    Alphonso Davies

    Bagged me a hattrick from left back in first game
  • limjitwe
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    85+ pp not even close, way too much chance of getting garbage in 83 x 5.

    This for sure. Your odds of not getting any special card is much lower....
  • Cheesyballs1970
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    i cant complain personally but got very lucky.

    In the 85 palyer pick Sancho
    5x 83 TOTS Lacroix,Sabizter and Silva with IF Karamic!
  • ForestGrump70
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    Got Muller in the 85 pp
  • dinbaba
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    PP is OP this year
  • phep
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    Got choice of Hummels or Baku in the PP. best card in the 83+ was 85 NIF Gulasci…
  • Diddymow
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    If I counted correctly there's 19 non-TOTS 83+ players in Bundesliga (removing the TOTS players base cards) and also 14 of those have CL cards too.

    So that's 15 TOTS cards and 33 Non-TOTS cards.
  • ml1dch
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    TOTS Coman from the player pick. Brandt, Hazard and the three 83 keepers from 83x5.
  • Wooly1203
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    Ended up doing the 85+ PP

    Got Lacroix, Gulasci and 87 Guerreiro

    Is Lacroix worth keeping? His reactions worry me a bit. I was thinking about doing Tapsoba but now I’m wondering if I should save my fodder for something else.

    My current team looks like this (starts 433(4) and switches to 4312 IG)

    Tots Carrasco FB Reus
    Tots Amiri Tots Llorente Tots Vazquez
    FB Bender Tots Lacroix FB Boateng Tots Trippier
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