Getting muscled off the ball

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Can anyone give me some advice. My players are constantly losing physical battles. Doesn’t matter who is up against who. My players fall over or the opponents players just run straight through them. If they do engage they lose out and stop running. I use jockey constantly but I must be missing something. Anyone got any advice please? Thank you


  • BeastlyHusla
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    They have gameplay on their side. Nothing can be done.
  • JFK147
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    That can’t be the case if every game I play. It happens all the time. Yet I never seem to be able to barge through my opponents in the same way
  • JFK147
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    Anyone got any tips for me on this please?
  • FifaProDK
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    LT is your friend.

    Tap LT if they grab you from behind. (The animation where they put the arm out to grab you)

    Use right bumber with tackling button for instant hard tackle.
  • All4fun1991
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    Yes L2 if you’re PlayStation...this used to be my biggest problem and best Advice is stop pressing sprint all the time, doesn’t make sense to just press sprint trying to run down the wing, you’re more likely to get outmuscled because your player will lose balance..but like @FifaProDK said LT is your friend.
  • JFK147
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    Thank you. I do use sprint quite a bit to be fair.
  • CheeseSlice
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    Get 1 of these 3


    Your days of getting bullied off the ball are over
  • Ballerson
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    You can use the nhl fight trigger combo or bring on an enforcer and injure a wait, this is eas fifa where opps are allowed to foul from behind, flip your players, literally run into you and knock you over and nothings callled.... seriously, its in the game and all you can do is suck it up, stop playing or foul with abandon and hope you can take a few of his players out without getting too many red cards....

    Probably not good advice...but its free...
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