Opened my Icon 92+ mid attacker

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Had terrible pack luck all year. Played every weekend league gold 3/2. Only ever packed 1 promo player this season and that was this week with neuer.

Finally lucked in.

Got moments Etoo


Anyone used him? How is he?

Will replace mid Butra


  • Gilly04
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    I got him in the swaps moment pack and finished pim cantona with fodder from the 84 times 20 and they are bossing up front
    Used all the big guns (icons) last season and this and eto is the best finisher I ve used 34 games 55 goals 25 assists div 2 and wl
    Hated his base early in game so disregarded test of his cards until this one
  • balErik
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    Nice one. I used him for 10 games in fut champions this weekend. He was very good, but not worth the coins I thought, so I sold him again. Was hoping his finesse shots would have been better since he has the finesse shots trait. I would have loved to get him for free though :)

    I have prime Dalglish that is doing the job. I think I will buy Suarez or Lewandowski.

  • Top_Binz
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    Probably the best out and out striker you can get, dribbling may not be as good as some others (it’s still good) but has raw pace and shooting is lethal (finesse not as good but still good enough).
    I’m going to get him back as I’ve tried nearly every other top striker and he just leads the line a bit better. I guess it depends on your playing style
  • ziotree
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    Best chem style for him?

    Can’t wait try him later.

    Need 2 wins for gold 2
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