Most efficient way to grind upgrades/PP?

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So i used all my Fodder for Cantona but have to do the 3 87s squad and 88 squad. Cost about 900k from scratch.

I was thinking of doing grinding upgrades to test my luck instead of buying from the market.
Is it better to do premium packs with the 900. Then recycle the trash into 80+PP??? Or should just do 100 80+ PP instead?


  • PP if you ask me
  • PiotrLolo
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    You can do PP and not be blocked by highrated duplicate. But PP can be trash because it's 80+. I didn't get anything from it. One 83 as my best. I had more luck with 2x 81+.
  • Hammer87
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    I’d go with the PP. Had some good high rated pulls from there & as mentioned above not blocked by duplicates. I find that it seems to go in spells of packing higher & lower rated. If I get a couple of low 80s back to back then I’ll stop for a while before coming back to it
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