Missing content in packs

-I'm missing content in premium gold packs in Fifa 20.
-It is not from any event; I opened packs for coins.

1) Is that a glitch?

In the game, I see information in the STORE section:
Triple the Rares of a standart Gold Pack! A mix of 12 Gold items, including players and consumables, 3 Rares.>>

But when I buy them, I receive 2 rares in maybe every third pack.
I opened few dozens of packs where instead of 3 "rares" I get only two.

2) Is that fair?

If you ask me when that happened? - During the whole game, I would say.
But in the last couple of months, it started happening more often.
I even made a few photos for you to prove that.

3) I wish someone in this company fix this, and compensate me for the missing content.

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