FIFA 21 Hacked and Banned

1 posts Ball Boy
I woke up a morning with all my negotiable players gone. I have never transferred coins or shared my account information with anyone. Contacted EA, the first advisor said they couldn’t do anything because they couldn’t track the transfer coins from the players missing . The second advisor saw that I was hacked and said that they would work on it and to keep an eye on my email. After that I realized l also got banned from the market . Now I have 2 open cases with EA and I’m still waiting on any update from them. I’ve been top to the leaderboard and had just bought Gullit so it’s very unfortunate that it happened and I feel like EA doesn’t care about helping out it’s clients . It’s been over a week and they haven’t told me anything or even given me a time frame of how long l should wait to hear from them.
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