Anyone else play worse during TOTS

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I like TOTS,, the new players, the better rewards and how they make some of those sbcs you want to do so much cheaper. However for the life of me ,, every year its when I start to have a slump.

In part probably as the game becomes more level,, everyone now has 90 rated strikers and defenders on steroids etc,, but its not just that.

I normally play with the same main squad up to that point in rivals and WL and get so used to it.
Then TOTS comes a long,, and all of a sudden I have all these new players and potential new squads to try and put together.

In the last week or so since it started I have packed or got rewarded the likes of Harvey Barnes, Vardy,Gundogan,shaw,clarke-harris,toney,goldson,,, I even went and bought FB Ryan Kent as I had all these English players lol.

Im about to start WL on the back of dropping about 200sp and I have no idea who I even want to put together lol,, even going back to my norm squad and formation feels off now .

Anyone else get themselves all mixed up with all the extra options
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