State of Gameplay

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How is it so bad today? Literally unplayable. How any person could spend money on packs for this pile of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is beyond me.

Tried playing three games and have given up. One of my oppenents message me after the game and apologised for winning!! My TOTS Kane refused to kick the ball into an empty net. He put a low ball into the box and my keeper dived over it before it hit his player who fell over as the ball trickled over the line.

Game is an absolute joke.


  • David12344
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    Super smooth for me. Seems like it switches for people at random times.

    Also the weekend it’s poor for me
  • Nickthegreek20
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    Yeah, been really decent today. Has been since the maintenance last week tbf. Could EA have actually fixed something this time?!

    Probably not 😂
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    I decided to play fifa on Tuesday I think in the morning had 1 or 2 games and it was slow sluggish and impossible to do anything but then during the same day at 9pm I played a game against some local person and the gameplay was very fast, responsive and everything worked as it should and I rarely ever lose when the gameplay is that good

    This game makes no sense because it shouldn't be possible for connections to affect gameplay there is something dodgy going on with this game that's 100% for certain or either that most people have got dirty connections and that somehow affects pretty much everything in terms of gameplay....I really don't know this game is just a circus.
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