Ai in fut champs

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So I been playing futchamps this weekend and a couple weekends before and around 20 players i face every week seems to have AI that is Ultimate lvl.
Because the lvl their players are at (Ai) is just the same as high difficulty lvls of squad battles.

In squad battles higher Ai never does or VERY VERY rarely mistakes.
they follow you like heatseeking missles. Blocks everything and so on.

Looking at other plattforms this is not the kind of defending a normal player does.
Also defending against these opponents are way thougher as my players do mistakes ALL the time.
If i play two passes the second is ALway crap.
My throughballs always targets opponents ai. (As it often does in squad battle)

The similarities from Squad battles and these opponents are the same.
So is there a new cheat out there to make youre defence op or is it connection issues? (THough i can not say that connection issues makes the opponents team overpowered makes any sense)


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