FS Camavinga or Bday Auour

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Can’t decide between the two of them who’s better
Anyone used either or both?


  • limjitwe
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    As a CAM striker or CM?
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    limjitwe wrote: »
    As a CAM striker or CM?

    CM mate
  • Mogga
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    Prices of these types of cards will be at an all time low in a month's time when they get released back into packs. They have been in previous years anyway.
  • YidArmy
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    Aouar glides around the pitch like a ballerina scoring and assisting with either foot and banging goals top bins with his finesse trait.

    Cama is obviously going to be the more defensive option with better physicals and size but much worse weak foot and skill moves.

    So Aouar by far if you're wanting this position to create / score goals but also able to defend.

    Or Cama if you're only wanting a defensive minded player there.
  • David12344
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    Aouar is a awesome striker, Cam,winger. Cm, rb,lb, and goalkeeper
  • 4dvz
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    Cant compare these two. Aouar is worse in position where Cama is good, and Cama is worse in position where Aouar is good. They should not be in your list for the same spot.
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