Transfer market filters not working?

Juked By Neymar
3660 posts National Call-Up
Trying to sort cards by "gold rare" and it just shows me all rare cards...Having the issue on mobile, web app, and console...any ideas?


  • Juked By Neymar
    3660 posts National Call-Up
    Nobody else? :\
  • alexanderk26
    1894 posts Play-Off Hero
    Happening to me on mobile app as well
  • Boffa
    1704 posts Play-Off Hero
    So ❤️❤️❤️❤️ annoying. Reasons like this is why i turned off auto update for the app, but 1 week after release of the update i got forced to update it :angry:
    Incredible that it takes them so long to fix things and that they still don't actually do testing before releasing to production after they have messed up changes time and time again.
  • spy
    2785 posts Fans' Favourite
    I’ve been having this problem on the mobile app. Almost impossible to find out what players you have
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