FIFA - Career Mode Future Wishlist

I wanna start by saying that I'm not a toxic fan, I like FIFA, I don't think FIFA is a bad game like people say, FIFA Manager Mode is still by far the greatest football game there is.

EA has brought a lot of new features in the last gen, way more than in the one before that, people completely ignore that, I do not, I do acknowledge the effort.

But there is still a lot of room for improvement and cool new ideas EA could implement..

1 / 2 .BOTH MODES:

MOST Important:

-Full FIFA for the Nintendo Switch Pro ;) I'm not buying it on PS4 or 5 if there the NSWP version is the same but with slightly worse graphics.

in real football, "destroying the game is easier than creating it" is what managers always say, in FIFA, it's completely unbalanced, it's fairly easy to score goals but very difficult to defend. My concrete ideas:

- L1 + Circle Automatic Pass Interception: A teammate automatically cuts the pass line, the chance of succeding depending on timing and stats

- R2 + double circle Dash Tackle: an aggressive, automatic dash towards the ball holder aiming for a shoulder/ body tackle, risk for foul or being dribbled.

- 9 Player Bench

-Better Manager AI:
-Realistic starting eleven choices (Currently it sometimes completely messes up the teams, puts DM into FB, FB at RW, etc)

-Sign players the club actually NEEDS (Currently I'm 23 at Man Utd, 94 CAM, the club signed two new CAMs at 88, they never play because I'm better)

- Maintain club philosophy: currently the teams get way too old and young players rarely get a chance form the AI, the AI should simply try to keep the age average of the real team, and also nationalities, like Bayern should always try to buy the best german players and not have a squad full of foreign players.


-DETAILED Statistics:
This is VERY important. With the new consoles having SSDs, the game should be able to simulate way more data at once. I want:

- Sofascore like statistics for all players on player report

- Statistics ranking menu: like fastest player in the league/ country/ continent / world

-New Competitions: New Euro format (Current one still uses the pre-2016 format), Nations League FIFA Club World Cup,

- New Statistics: Individual awards (it's really annoying when you miss them on the news, why can't there be a menu like in PES?),


- Return of Player face PULEEEEAAAASE

- Youth Teams Leagues Statistics: you can see the performance of your youth players

- Managers being sacked and hired by other clubs/ national teams like in PES, new young random generated managers every season, players becoming player-coaches and full coaches.

- Market inflation

-National players should always have kit numbers from 1-23

- Sponsors buying clubs

- Build new stadiums

- Sports News as videos with audio in the menu like Sky Sports News:
On the upper right side, there should always be a video with the current most relevant news, with animated characters and realistic faces from famous sports journalists (Like Max Bielefeld here in Germany), it should be fully voiced. Keep the text news in the news menu.
Before matches, the commentators should be shown in the stadium with realistic faces, making the pre-match-coverage


MOST Important:

- Full 20 Seasons Player Career + 5 Player-Coach Seasons + 20 Manager Seasons

- Train other positions at any time

-After creating your player, a cutscene should be shown, the player should be fully voiced. He should start at the age of 15 (!), you choose a position tendency. You start at your family's house, your absent father is a football manager currently unemployed, he comes home to help you. Optional gameplay tutorial with dad.

-You then choose a team where you go to a DRAFT, like in the first The Journey. Depending on your performance, your player could get permanent stats boosts, this way, experienced players get an advantage

-If the club doesn't choose you, you can go to a draft at another club one week later, or do a draft at the same club six months later, in-between you can train with your father to develop your stats and play street football.

-VERY IMPORTANT: Realistic contracts!!!: Full cutscenes like in manager mode, with all contract details exactly like in MM.

-If a club signs you, you start by playing in the club's YOUTH TEAM with a randomly generated roaster, maybe with one or two voiced teammates with cutscenes. You play in the youth national league, cup, and possibly youth UCL/ UEL. You can occasionally be called into the main team at any time, you start ON THE BENCH.

-If you perform well, the club offers you a pro contract

-Other teams can make offers for you to join their pro team

-After your Pro contract, your father can be signed by a club, you can play against him during your whole career, or he can join your team

-The player gets an agent if his dad is employed

-Better Team-Mates AI: Currently they rarely accomplish anything despite being 85+ players, they make too many mistakes like short passes, the Keeper always shoots a long ball instead of building up the game with the FBs)


- Club prestige

- Give your opinions on starting eleven and signings if you have very high prestige: should be there to compensate for frustrating, unrealistic AI-choices


- There should be season goals for UCL/ UEL

- Save replays into a gallery

- Save news

- Chat with teammates and manager like in MM, only that you can proactively contact them

- Player House, with upgrades, if you have more money

- Personal trainer team to boost stats

- Sponsors, with ad posters, cutscenes for ad videos

Please EA, consider all this, it may be too late for FIFA 22, but for the future of the series, these would all be really cool features!


  • I wish they would let us customize youth players names and appearances among other things. They just use names of other players from that country and it makes for some real unusual names. When you scout players from Asian countries most of them aren't even Asian looking. If I scout Japan I want Japanese players.
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