players youre bidding on just disappearing

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is that a new feature they've introduced recently.

keep bidding on them and they're neither won nor lost on the targets page.

not sure if taking my coins or what (as not keeping track)


  • Diddymow
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    Usually happens to me when I bid on a player a split second after someone else. The annoying ones are when you're bidding on a player and then someone outbids you but it won't let you then bid again.
  • Cosmic99
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    It's because the price didn't update and your bid was lower than the current bid. You often get this when mass bidding. Try hovering over a player for a few seconds before bidding.
  • hiya
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    nah, i know that one where as soon as you bid it turns orange (which is dodgy anyway)

    cant believe transfer market been a write off all year. (well, i can but...)
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