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HEY IM WITH STUPID . , LISTEN truth . if i wanted to run hacks torrents or lag a game out with alt tab open programs i would set a hot key so it wouldnt kick me . if i wanted to run anything or do anything i would code around it if i wanted to do something SO .

why do we have alt tab quit

i cant play youtube picture in picture cause i maybe click it and kick . stupid . the only thing this effects is you . . . i cant alt tab quick fast click a new video .
im basically stuck without being able to do anything on my pc while im in a game that is dumb cant change music cant change video . cant manage or maybe swap settings on obs . but if i was hacking and wanted to be toxic i could make hot keys for all that . . . .
accidentaly updates ., alt tabs . you making me change my pc settings for fifa ;.

SO Instead alt tab ill start setting up hotkeys for any event i need on my pc .

are you smoking ?
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