10 players is not enough???

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Opposition resign early in 1st half having given away a penalty and having a man sent off at 1-1.

Reason: - Do not have enough players?!?!?!

How many times have we all got to point out the same problems over and over again???

Get the new playstion kit and the walkout player is wearing the white kit with 2 grey stripes. Only he isn't a player... HES THAT SAME PORTUGUESE MANAGER ONCE AGAIN SHOWING UP IN THE WRONG PLACE!!!

I'd say sort your game out but why bother when all you do is count your profits???


  • RangerCraig
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    That just means the other player has left somehow. So it's 1 v 0 game disconnects :( if oppo gets 5 reds etc it forfeits gamem8
  • Habermas
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    I actually think that when you get those words "do not have enough players" its a cheat of some kind. No loss for Him maybe.
    I have no proof, but when I get that wording it's usually when I (luckily) is beating some sweaty all out pressing opponent, and he realises that he is going to lose, and then pling he is gone.
    I'm on pc, so not totally unthinkable
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