Can you list a PIM Maradona in Fifa 20 Xbox? Think of the Karma!

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edited April 2021
Fancy getting some Karma just for listing a card on Fifa 20?!

If you have a PIM Maradona on Xbox stuck in your old club doing nothing, and you're able to just list him on the transfer market you'd be making people very happy. (same with a lot of top cards actually)

Message if you'd like any more info.


  • EekAlaska
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    Want to trade your Ronaldo for PIM Cruyff?

    But that 99 Maradona has to be the best value top PIM Icon out there. This game is built for quick little players (hence why TOTY Messi is actually just about as good as TOTY CR7 in spite of no 5* skills).

    Cruyff seems like he might be fun, but his loan was atrocious for me. Then again almost all the loans were bad for some reason.
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