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I think a revised position changed Needs to be implements in the next instalment of Fifa. It’s never sat well with me that a CDM can be turned into an ST but a lw\LF can’t. Either don’t allow cams to be turned into strikers or allow wingers to be turned into striker.
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  • nj10
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    Or make it realistic based on the player.

    Like kimmich could play CDM or RB but probably not at st.

    So he should get 10 chem in those positions but nothing at st. However now he could be position changed to ST
  • bberger
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    Yep, especially since this info is already kn their player database in career mode..

    If they need pack fillers for position changes just out in position cards that swap between those primary, secondary and other alternate positions..

    Could be so easy..
  • djnition
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    im such a bugger with position changes i play 433 (4) because its a realistic real life formation most i will do is put prime owen cam would of put rooney there but with his stats he suits as a box to box mid the most im gonna miss awb freeze so much once i complete campbell pim hes been so good shifting tackles wen ppl ball roll drag back even bridge
  • Mdm
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    Totally agree and make the team and player stats suffer if you move them out of their stated positions drastically.

    3 people have posted on this thread. If it was titled I hate that people use full backs as cbs. You would have many more posts. And many many views. You would probably be burnt at the stake

    But because you come up with a solution to the silly out of position moves some people do as stated in the op(not mine so f off those that feel the need to sush the issue and justify it) no one is interested. No one wants to plug loop holes that assists them.
  • All4fun1991
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    They need to get rid of chem style..Maybe then everyone can use the players they want.
  • greif44
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    They need to get rid of chem style..Maybe then everyone can use the players they want.

    You'd see even less variety and even more players would be considered unusable.

    Chem styles can fill some gaps making more cards look good at least on the paper. Pool of defenders, midfielders and attackers that have the desirable combination of stats right out of the box is very small.
  • grabberpresident
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    Keep at it is. Imagine the drama if a striker can play RW in real life, but RW is not included in his positions. And how many games will he have to play RW to have RW as one of his positions?
  • starfox1284
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    Would like to see the CB to CDM and CDM to CB position changed added to the game.
  • Air Diddy
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    Almost zero chance EA add more position changes to the game, theyd be more likely to remove them then add them
  • Dutch3723
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    Would it also work if each card was allowed a maximum of ONE position change. That’s fairly realistic given how you might retrain a striker to play a little deeper or as a winger, or a wide midfielder to retrain as a wingback etc... But that would stop the ST to CDM you often see which becomes completely unrealistic.
  • IRON_KY94
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    I also think that this idea gives an opportunity for ea to release more content. If tou limited what positions a cm, for instance, can turn into the. Special versions of the card could be released to keep the game interesting and add another dynamic to the game
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