transfer market banned for no reason

the other day i logged onto fifa and saw i was transfer market banned. i have never done anything purposely against the EA terms of service, i have invested a lot of money pre ordering the ultimate edition along with spending over $500 on fifa points. i usually log on during weekends when i have time and play division rivals and do some SBCs but no longer am able to access the fut market. when i contacted EA i was basically brushed aside and ignored i asked to speak to someone higher than the people on the phone and was declined. this is a terrible way to treat a customer who has pre ordered the game for 5 years straight as well as spend thousands on in game purchases. you would think such a successful company would help a loyal customer who’s been wrongfully accused of something but apparently not. IF ANYONE ELSE has been transfer market banned could you please reply with reasons for it so i can see if i have done something wrong but other than that have a great day everyone. :)
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