Why is this game so inconsistent?

I’ve been playing around with formations, tactics and player instructions trying to find out the cause of this problem because I’m literally lost for words, no matter what I do nothing changes the game play remains the same. Even though I’ve just upgraded my team and it’s the best it’s ever been. Gone from 82 Sanches to 87 Sanches and he’s playing worse for me now which makes absolute no sense.

I usually like to play 4411 but not even that works for me anymore. I’ve tried 5 and 3 at the back, a formation with no wide players but nothing works.

My players are too spread apart, feels as if when I’m defending I’m always outnumbered and when attacking they’re all behind the ball not making any runs despite doing different variations between run behind and long balls or fast build up and end up clustering which makes it easy for my opponents to intercept passes.

My players are slow at everything, when I try to pass the ball they always take 1 second too long to pass, when I receive the ball with my player he always takes one touch too many before he responds to my commands. When I try to play high press my players still take way too long to respond and press and I end up moving players out of position opening up spaces for my opponents to score easy goals. I try to dribble and skill past opponents and they’re so slow at doing everything but yet my opponents dribble past me like it’s nothing. Like I genuinely don’t know what’s happened in the last week the game play has been truly awful. I’m a division 1/2 on rivals and average gold 1/2 on champs and suddenly I’ve lost 12 games in a row. On rivals.

Can someone indicate me some tactics and player instructions for a 4411? I try not to run meta but if it has to be that way to win then I’ll give it a go. This game has literally drained me mentally these last few days any help appreciated.
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