Glitch in Premier League in Tournament Mode

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On Tournament Mode in the Premier League on Matchday 27 the game between Leicester-West Brom is skipped over and those clubs only play 37 games instead of 38. WTF did this happen??


  • KingShankly
    227 posts Sunday League Hero
    Ok I noticed that every schedule is totally random when you start up a new tournament. Also the matchday 27 glitch that is supposed to be Liecester-West Brom is now moved (on my tournament schedule) to March 31 after matchday 29 which is interesting. Also it looks like when you ever you start a domestic league in tournament mode the schedules change randomly and don't match the real life Premier League. If you notice on the calendar on February 27-28 (matchday 27) there are only 9 games listed. The missing 10th game is played on March 31st after matchday 29.
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