PIM Roberto Carlos - position?

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So, last night I pulled PIM Roberto Carlos from the prime / pim swaps pack.
It's a W, for usre, but I already have an untradable FB Mendy as well.
I am now thinking to rebuild my team into a 523 (in game 352) with Carlos as LM and Mendy as RM.
Does anyone have any experience on RCarlos as LWB / LM ? Seems to be his best postiion, right?
Or am I overlooking something here?


  • Dutch3723
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    Good call mate and nice pull, he (prime version) plays lm in my 352 and is superb at both ends of the pitch. Loads of goals, great set pieces, solid defensively etc... you know what you’re getting with him 👍
  • PhilT1808
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    I’ve loved using RC but as a defender he’s a liability in a back 4. He can literally turn up anywhere on the pitch at times! Free kicks are awesome and you should have fun with him. Congrats!
  • Chavez76
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    Thanks guys! Sounds like the way to go :)
    My hart skipped a beat when I opened the pack and saw Brasil flag (u cant help thinking about Dinho, R9.Pele etc) but still.. he is a W regardless!
  • Dutch3723
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    Definitely a W, you can’t really improve your left side now but agree with the other post, you can’t rely on him to be a defensive full back, just like he was in real life! Attacking Wing back / lm defintely way to go. Enjoy him 👍
  • Chavez76
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    Going to give him a run for his money :)
  • TheonlywayisS6
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    Great pull, so jealous! did the prime SBC and I love him. Use him in either 442 or as the entire left side in 4312 and disagree that he's a liability defensively, he's awesome at catching wingers and getting vital tackles. And those free kicks are so good that I'm genuinely surprised when one fails to hit the net.
  • DanishDynamiteUS
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    Amazing pull!

    Prime Roberto Carlos has been my LM in a 352 since that’s SBC came out.

    His high stamina and high shot power comes in very handy when he gets in position. Have him on come back on defense and he’s a road runner back and forth.
  • Chavez76
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    Feeling better and better about trying him later :smile:
  • MurkingFools
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    CB ! LMAO :D
  • nsholmberg11
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    I have used mid and base Carlos at LB in a 4atb and love it. I would say you have a decent plan but if it was me I’d just use Mendy as a sub
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