Who finishes 4th?

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Assume that Man Utd and Leicester are clear, although Leicester probably aren’t just yet. Hey, I can’t make multiple-choice polls :lol:

Liverpool: Villa, Leeds, Newcastle, United, Southampton, West Brom, Burnley, Palace
Chelsea: Palace, Brighton, West Ham, Fulham, City, Arsenal, Leicester, Villa
Spurs: United, Everton, Southampton, Sheff Utd, Leeds, Wolves, Villa, Leicester
West Ham: Leicester, Newcastle, Chelsea, Burnley, Everton, Brighton, West Brom, Southampton
Everton: Brighton, Spurs, Arsenal, Villa, West Ham, Sheff Utd, Wolves, City + Villa again at some point

If you aren’t convinced on Leicester: West Ham, West Brom, Palace, Southampton, Newcastle, United, Chelsea, Spurs

Leicester have a brutal end to the season, but I reckon they’ll pick up enough points beforehand to edge past the finish line. From the rest of that lot, Everton have the worst fixtures and are inconsistent even on the best of days, so I reckon they’re out. Chelsea’s form has dropped of late, and they also have a difficult end to the season, so I’m not sure about them either. Liverpool have some pretty decent fixtures, but Villa could be problematic if Grealish is back and we normally take points off them at OT as well. Honestly, if West Ham can get a result versus Chelsea, I think they’ll be through.

Who finishes 4th? 16 votes

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West Ham
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  • NucksNation
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    For this current Spurs team, that schedule is very tough. I think Liverpool are slowly finding their offence and controlling the game. Leeds offence will give them a good run but aside from Leeds and united, others are winnable for them

    Chelsea does just enough to edge oppositions under new coach. If it was frank, they would probably be out of it already

    My united is secured in 2nd

    3- Liverpool
    5- LC city
  • Stlducks
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    I could easily see Liverpool going unbeaten the rest of the year with Chelsea losing to City and possibly dropping points to United, West Ham or Leicester.

    Spurs dropping points yesterday eliminated them. If they won that game then 4th would be in their hands and I’d be an optimistic fan saying they could go on a run like they did to start the season with the momentum. But dropping that game, they will lose to United and be out.

    Leicester will do enough to finish third this time around.

  • Ahmer50x
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    If I had to guess, Leicester and Liverpool take the two spots.

    West Ham to run it close but fall short.

    Chelsea MIGHT be at the end of the new manager bounce and any regression now would be fatal to their hopes.
  • Wyojasond
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    I’ve said all along we would need to run the table to get top 4 and for the first time in a long time we look like our old selves a bit. We still play a few teams who beat us earlier this year though, so who knows.

    End of the day, Liverpool is still running a defense made up of a guy who was like our sixth option and a 21 year old kid who spent most of his career playing for a relegation team.
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