Moving on from Varane?

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Has anyone upgraded and moved on successfully from Gold Varane?

I've had him untradable in a back line of Varane, Prime Cannavaro and Klaiber, with Ter Stegen in goal for months now. In game I play 352 with 9 depth so the defensive line is quite high and it's probably too late in the game cycle for me to go changing that up! Links not a massive problem due to icons although Ter Stegen might have to be changed -but I'm of the view that most keepers are pretty good / poor in equal amounts!!!

Anyway I have about 2 million and fair amount of fodder in club and rest of the team is pretty settled so happy to splash the cash on a CB.

It might be that he's still one of the best options in the game but has anyone upgraded and / or found better players that have made a difference. Would be interested to hear views / experiences on CBs. Cheers


  • Chill
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    I did the base icon pack from swaps and ended up with Sol Campbell, was initially a bit dissapointed but he's now benched Varane and is next to Puyol moments. Actually really enjoy using him, solid as a brick****house and pacey enough to compete. Don't know about a 9 depth but his positioning is very good and can't see many sneaking past him. Most importantly, fun to use
  • Gedi24
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    PIM Puyol, or if you're into full backs, PIM Zambrotta. Either or both are utterly outstanding CBs. I play 7 depth so should be fine with the high press.
  • Sujitsky123
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    Packed Prime Vidic and he has benched varane easily.
  • DSM1988
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    PIM Puyol. Don't need high pace when you win ball the early, get him in position and he makes his tackles stick.
  • Professor
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    I’ve moved on from my untradable gold Varane to Rttf Varane. He is too good not to have in the team.
  • garmak
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    What do you figure the price of RTTF Varane goes to if Real Madrid loses?
  • JustusX
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    Gold Varane is still so good. He seems to have legs that extend and for his price no one comes close.
  • Rainaz
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    Hes the one defender I have no cleared out of the club yet. No point he does the job better than most
  • tvrfan
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    HL Diego Carlos..... Way better than varane
  • HyperOCD
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    tvrfan wrote: »
    HL Diego Carlos..... Way better than varane

    Not 60k
  • grabberpresident
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    I upgraded to Mangala, but not great value for the cost.
  • Dutch3723
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    Cheers for comments, don;t mind splashing a bit of cash if needs be. SO will prob go icon at this point
  • FutGuy
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    FB Hermoso?
  • All4fun1991
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    I’m still using gold varane next to cannavaro...I had varane about 3 times only one of them tradable Which I sold for 150k...I will only replace him for a upgraded varane..Dont have mendy or Gomez I just like varane, but funny thing is I always do well against him playing for a opponent.😁
  • MrMTFC
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    Bday bailly is so good, way better than varane ever felt. And the 5* wf isn't too bad
  • Foxsake
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    Varane has insane blocks that’s what makes him so bloody good
    It’s annoying
  • MurkingFools
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    only way on from gold varane is rrtf varane
  • torakun
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    I used WIF Marcelo (90) since I have both him and Varane untradable. They alternate to accompany pim Puyol. The advantage of Marcelo is that since he's so tall, he's winning 75% of headers from corners which some of my goals are coming from. Varane couldn't provide me with corner goals at all.

    I'm poor in this fifa and I don't think, unless I pack maldini/vidic/rio/desailly, I will change much on my backline.
  • D0lvl
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    only way on from gold varane is rrtf varane


  • David12344
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    Sounds like it’s going to be tough on you moving on from varane. Maybe go find yourself take a bit of me time, spend some extra time with the family.

    It will be ok.
  • xCDHx
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    Get yourself a good RB to play CB instead of Varane
  • JWNYsg
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    actually i was fortunate to get NIF Varane and NIF Mendy untradeable, along with RTTF Oblak at one time. Rarely used them other than for Liga objectives

    Recently got Birthday Mendy but only using him

    this week tried a couple of full French squad as got Birthday Mandanda too

  • Kondol
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    what you guys think about mid blanc from swaps to replace gold varane? have no luck from icon packs this year.
  • Krik
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    RTTF Varane
  • Dutch3723
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    Went with RTTF Varane and got one for 1.6 this morning - now praying for a Madrid win!
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