Turkish league

hello, i've been playing fifa for years. I am writing from Turkey. I'm asking you to do a little more emphasis on turkey leagues in more detail. I want more actors' faces to be real. I want to have a real cup of turkey. the real name of turkey mug "Ziraat Turkey Cup". I want the crests on the arms. super league crest, coat of arms, such as agriculture turkey Cup. Champion team and turkey farming to the chest Cup champion needs to put the coat of arms of the Turkish flag. one star emblem and the turkey is added every 5 years. these are important details. My request from you is that they come in the form of updates to fifa21. or be it at fifa22. It would be much better if you do what I want in other leagues. such as Germany, Netherlands. I also request my pro career man to add my own face and get a tattoo. I demand to be completely true also of the turkey to come in 2 league games and everything. Best regards


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