Why does my team AI forget how to play when I'm up 2+ goals in WL?

Juked By Neymar
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Seems like 90% of the time I have a 2-3 goal lead I end up blowing it and either losing in regulation or sending it to ET

My defense just capitulates, doesn't matter what tactics I use. The red sea just parts and every through ball sends the attackers in 1v1. Doesn't matter my depth or width or formation defensively. Just getting ripped to shreds

Attacking players just stop making runs and stand still, everyone is stuck in the mud. I don't get it.


  • drewbaltzley
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    Close games are more exciting
  • David12344
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    Not when the op is losing them from a seemingly great position.

    I feel you mate. I feel I need to learn to close a game too you’re not alone
  • Juked By Neymar
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    Close games are more exciting

    I agree. I'd rather have a game that's 1-1/2-1/2-2 for the majority instead of going up 3-0 because I feel I have a better chance of winning a close game than when I go up big and it shouldn't be like that lmao
  • Goodgod10
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    It’s in the game...
  • bberger
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    It's also ridiculous how custom tactics on your own team affect the capability of the opponent's team.. Custom tactics should imho only affect your team, not cripple the opponent.. I've turned around a ridiculous amount of 0-3 deficits in 70th+ and you can see the opponent struggling..
  • TheonlywayisS6
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    Happens far too regularly to be a coincidence. If it's a well matched open game fair enough, but for a team to be so comfortable and 2 up with 5 minutes left and then just suddenly become virtually uncontrollable to blatantly throw away the win shouldn't be happening.
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