A tricky situation at Harrogate

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    1. Manager appointed
    2. Youth academy organized
    3. Tristan Abrahams signed
    4. Season 1: Automatic promotion to EFL3
    5. Johnathan Leko signed
    6. Wayne Rooney signed
    7. Miller position changed from LM to LB
    8. Season 2: Automatic promotion to Championship
    9. Garry Cahill signed
    10. Season 3: Relegation avoided
    11. Wayne Rooney retired
    12. Marvin signed
    13. Player swap deal (Correa youth academy (first GK) for Batalha Martins (LWB)
    14. Season 4: Play-off promotion to Prem
    15. Cahill retired
    16. Sissoko signed
    17. Rudiger signed
    18. Boateng signed
    19. Buffon signed
    20. Batalha position changed from LWB to LB
    21. Season 5: Current. 18th place, two points difference with 17th place

    First, I love how they wanna sack me although I promoted them to 4 divisions
    Second, I love how all the jobs that were offered for me and I applied to get rejected.
    But ok.
    This season was really chaotic and I managed to pick up a few wins (upset against Chelsea in day 1, 5-2, Fulham 1-0, Brighton 3-1, and this kinda team).
    Now my marquee players:
    • Johnathan Leko, pacey, strong, grew to 80
    • Marvin, IRL he plays for RMA, he was a free agent so I picked him up, pacey agile, grew him to 79 but there are 5 months remaining on his contract and he submitted a transfer request for an extremely dumb reason (he claimed he asked me to increase his contract but he never did...) and I can't renew him :(
    • Buffon, cheat code in career mode, retiring next season
    • Sissoko, retiring next season, thought I'd get a well-rounded player
    • Tristan Abrahams, a decent ST< grew him from 63 to 75
    • Boateng, Rudiger all signings for when I got promoted
    • Kirby and Miller, only two who were in the original Harrogate team.

    So all of this for a background to continue the story from here on out. Looking for advice, and creating suspense.
    If you like this bookmark the thread because I am going to update what happens.
    • It Will be updated every week...
    • A fair amount of simulating and playing games.
    • If you guys have any recommendations I could add, since we're in the prem it doesn't make much sense to have signing restrictions but that would definitely make it more interesting
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    6 games left in the Season:

    Average performance by the boys, conceding two goals with the defenders getting out-speeded by Supryaga. An amazing personal performance by Leko gets the job done with a brace.
    I felt like rotating with Will Smith over Boateng for the extra pace, and did not go full pace with Alves because he's not strong enough physically. Also tried Da Silva over Kirby.
    With Brighton drawing the table goes as so:
    14 Leeds 35
    15 Crystal 32
    16 Harrogate 28
    17 Fulham 26
    18 Brighton 25
    19 Nottingham
    20 Norwich


    Some more rotation made as I am resting players as I expect to lose no matter what. Better save the perf to destroy Nottingham. Marvin misses a pen as early as minute 5' which is sad. But some solid defending going on in the first half as it's still a goalless draw.
    49th minute we concede. To be fair it was a pretty tight game in terms of play but the pace of city's players made the difference. 75th minute Cruz, the backup striker misses an easy chance, and in the 78th we concede. Sad loss. We really had a solid game. Anyway, no fear as we expected to lose this one.
    Interesting table change with Brighton winning:
    15 Crystal 32
    16 Brighton 28
    17 Harrogate 28
    18 Fulham 26
    19 Nottingham 24
    20 Norwich

    18' Marvin
    41' Sammy Ameobi concession Countered, wide open, chip shot
    65' Abrahams
    81' Sissoko, brilliant individual run by Marvin, which leads to an assist.
    Pretty deserved win I would say, we didn't necessarily dominate position, but we defended solidly and were creative enough, used Marvin's pace to our good, took our chances when we had them.
    rank pld pts
    15 Palace 34 32
    16 Harrogate 35 31
    17 Brighton 34 28
    18 Fulham 35 27

    38' Marvin to Johnathan Leko what a banger. 1-0
    59' Abrahams, defending solidly and again abusing Marvin's pace on the counter. What a pity he's leaving.
    We absolutely dominated this game. Yes we had to defend at some moments but we did it solidly, and they weren't creative enough to test our keeper. And the commentator announces it! They won't be getting relegated it's official!

    Not a game that matters but why not. Nice performance, getting a result against a much stronger team.
    A loss that doesn't hurt anyone.
    Here is a final look at your standings:
    The top
    The bottom
    The season ended! 25 M transfer budget approaching the next one prize money. Next season will hopefully be mid-table, but realistically will be another relegation-avoiding case. And btw, the board confirmed they think I'm still the right man for the job
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    Season 2025-2026 episode 1:
    Not the greatest pre-season, as we get kicked out early:
    But we made a few signings to improve the team:
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