FIFA21 Final Review.

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Having played more and more of FIFA21it's nearly April now and I can say the game for me is average at best.

The most important thing you need to learn in FIFA21 to separate yourself from another player is skill moves inside the box to separate yourself from a defender in my opinion, skill moves are so vital especially with AI Defending being so strong yet again sadly.

I do think shooting in general is fairly consistent although occasionally keepers will make crazily good saves when you're through on goal which should go in. maybe it's RNG who knows but I can't complain too much about the shooting.

The La Croqueta inside the box by performing LB/L1 + Moving the right stick to the right or left is very effective to get past a defender especially how AI Defending is annoyingly strong.

Scoop turns & elastico's are also very good.

If it wasn't for skill moves being pretty good on FIFA21 I would honestly hate the game because there would hardly be a skill-gap.

My main issues with FIFA21 is that passing at times is frustrating, it will re-direct your pass to another player who is offside at times, obviously AI Defending slowly got buffed from the start and made the game worse, kick off goals are still in FIFA and that's been the case for years.

My main flaw with FIFA21 is the fact that it's far too easy to keep the ball... it takes no skill, even if you go constant pressure or team press passing in general is far too assisted and the manual interceptions aren't rewarding enough.

I can still tolerate FIFA21 though over the slugfest of FIFA 20 all day long.

FIFA21 is nothing to shout about though.

FIFA21 for me is a 5/10 game at best.
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